Friday, June 12, 2009

A reminder ...

... that True Blood, the best, the most true-to-life love story of a telepathic Louisiana cocktail waitress and a hundred and seventy year old civil war veteran, now vampire, returns at the weekend accompanied by a shape-shifting barman, a brother whose brain is in his ... errm ... six pack abs, a cross-dressing, drug-dealing short-order cook, fang-hating religionists, an in-the-closet state politician, and many an everyday country charmer - this is what I love about life in the South!

True Blood is back! Who could not love this stuff? I mean, come on!

The only cocktail I can think of that might fit this Friday post is, and I really do hate to be tacky here, a Bloody Mary but I'm sure being as unapologetically reprobate as I you don't need a recipe.

Image via Queerty.


  1. I just can NOT wait to join you in the odd cocktail on a Friday evening!! And though there will be just one Friday, I am expecting to experience several different varieties!!