Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dr. Faustus ...

... comes home. 

At the moment the imp appears to destroy his life's work, rather than looking tragic, he simply looks bored. There's a lesson in that somewhere. 

Temporarily the drawing is parked where it might come to hang as part of the art wall, if that idea survives, or it might hang where it more properly belongs in the library below. It will have a lot to compete but to help in that battle for recognition the drawing will have to be re-matted and reframed. The present matt was made for the gallery hang as was the generic frame and though the frame is silverish it looks rusty. In fact, the existing combination of matt, frame color and drawing paper is too depressed for my taste - it needs pepping up with a good off-white matt, a polished silver frame and perhaps an off-black/grey stripe somewhere. 

The memo samples - Lee Jofa, Mulberry and Calvin Klein in tones bridging the darkest brown of the mohair velvet sofa and the buff of the paisley and the carpet - on the armchair in the living room are part of the ongoing redecoration of the whole flat. 

The kitchen and both bathrooms are done, the living room and library are in transition and the bedroom is next - after the vacation in England and Scotland and the Poliform long-low cabinet for the living room is delivered. There's always a lead time on to-the-trade orders but the Italian one is particularly long because the factory closes down for the month of August - how civilized.

Photos made by iPhone.


  1. Your art wall looks magnificent! I would love to see more of it. Perhaps it is in another post?

    I look forward to seeing where Dr. Faustus is placed. Loved the comment about him looking bored, even as his life's work is about to be destroyed.

  2. Thank you for the comment. We continued the discussion after the post and probably what will happen is that Dr. Faustus will hang where the large grey photo hangs on the art wall - at least that's today's conclusion.

  3. My comment was a bit curt, though not meant to be. I was in a rush and should have taken more time. As I said, the flat is in transition and as you probably know designing for oneself and one's other half is sometimes a long drawn out battle of "I want..." and "no, I want..." I think Dr. Faustus will hang on the art wall as apparently there is a new photo that might fit the library better!

  4. Oh, I love those paneled walls.

  5. Maybe he is resigned? I see reflections of your interior in the glass that covers the picture. Amazing how this works to create a background in the doctor's study.

  6. I loved that effect of the reflection - so symbolic! Reflections are important for "mirrors should reflect a little before throwing back images."