Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I said yesterday ...

... that there were no surviving Regency decorative schemes (in their entirety). Well, guess what? Here's one, though the curtains are replacements.

The saloon, Sezincote, Gloucestershire from The Regency Country House by John Martin Robinson. 

Described in the caption: "The bow window, the form of the curtains, the trompe l'oeil gilt trellised cove, and the large looking-glasses all survive from the original 1820s decoration, and make this a pure Regency interior."  No color is mentioned in this article other than gilt so the photo is to be enjoyed in all its grey loveliness. 

Draperies like these spawned many a bastard in the hands of inferior desecrators in the 1980s and, I guess, that will be another post soon. 


  1. Love the mirror between windows! I'm sure it was lovely by candlelight.

  2. With all that gilt, mirror, crystal, silk and diamonds? Must have been fabulous.

  3. I think Apsley House, the Duke of Wellington's London residence, has retained its early 19th century decor....

  4. You're right, it has. What I meant in the previous post and perhaps I expressed it badly was that no Regency interior had survived intact - without fading, wear or staining.