Sunday, December 27, 2009

MoMA Bonus

Went to MoMA this morning. The Celt very interested in Tim Burton exhibit, I less so because of crowds and excessive heat. Also took in the Bauhaus exhibition - none of it new, but a superb overview so interesting nonetheless.
This view turned out to be a bonus - seen it before, of course, but it still delighted. It's all there - 19th and 20th century architecture in one lovely vista.
Now in the Algonquin Hotel lobby which one feels is trading on its Round Table days of yesteryear. Manhattans not too bad though.


  1. I actually stayed at the Algonquin ....oh about 20 years ago!!

  2. Would have loved to be able to see the Tim Burton exhibit for myself, very jealous to say the least.

  3. I hope you were as witty as Dorothy Parker in the Algonquin. Or wasn't that her particular hotel? I forget.