Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A favorite ...

... the latest in a series.

I got to thinking about what type of rooms I would consider winter rooms and though this clearly is in a place, Provence, that most of us would consider a summer destination, it would be marvelous lit by burning logs and candles whilst the mistral, the regional wind of Provence, was howling outside.

Normally I would consider books essential to a winter room and though there is what looks like small bookcase by the fireplace, it is not a book-room as such. This is a room not for solitude and contemplation but for conversation and games maybe before the gros souper that ends with thirteen desserts, eaten before midnight mass on Christmas Eve. Les treize desserts de Noël, thirteen desserts representing Christ and the Apostles, are set out on Christmas Eve and remain three days in the dining room.

I had intended not to mention Christmas again but .... !

Designer, Chester Jones. Photos, Fritz von der Schulenberg, from World of Interiors, October 2005.


  1. Well "thirteen desserts" would soften the most jaded Christmas heart.

  2. A beautifully elegant room, the more so for its simplicity; very inviting indeed, especially where it's located. Christmas-coloured too....how very festive!

  3. I love this room- in many ways it flies in the face of my personal taste-but in my typical flights of fancy- I kinda love it all, my continuing internal struggle with a nun's cloister and a courtesan's divan. and more Xmas today! what must one think?

  4. I think its a great room - perhaps I would change the colors but overall it would suit me. Yeah, I know. As I said today, I'd given up on Christmas but it had not given up on me.