Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm gonna wash that man ...

Here I am waiting for the show to begin. Outside it's bloody freezing
but in here it's the South Pacific. Love New York at Christmas!


  1. South Pacific is a great favorite of ours, and we, too, love (and play) the original soundtrack with the incomparable Mary Martin. We saw the revival last summer, though, and absolutely loved it, too. Kerlly O'Hara is sublime and we thought "owned" the role that for so many has been difficult to be but a dim shadow of MM, the originator. Marvelous sets, costumes, etc., too.

  2. That would be Kelly, not Kerlly -- I think I'd better lay off the breakfast egg-nog!

  3. Unfortunately Kelly O'Hara was not performing the night we were there - she was understudied. Overall, we enjoyed the performance and for my partner it was wonderful. The show was beautifully produced and we had such good seats - center row orchestra level. I think it's time we bought the original soundtrack.