Sunday, October 18, 2009

Now that the sun hath veil'd his light

The home tour is over - what began as a conversation over drinks two years ago has been accomplished and a real sense of anti-climax has set in. I met some very interesting and interested people, including Terry of Architectural Tourist which was a great pleasure if a brief one; saw some beautiful and chic homes and wondered at the amount of talent and culture displayed in these two towers. I'm tired, sleepy and yet remain on the sofa in the library listening to the sounds of sleep from the bedroom and writing this post - as if I'm loath to let the day go. My house is finished, as far as it ever will be and I am proud of what we have achieved, he and I, in our battles, our misgivings and our loving moments - a house I hope is chic, comfortable and welcoming.

To end the day, Purcell's An Evening Hymn

Now, now that the sun hath veil’d his light
And bid the world goodnight;
To the soft bed my body I dispose,
But where shall my soul repose?
Dear, dear God, even in Thy arms,
And can there be any so sweet security!
Then to thy rest, O my soul!
And singing, praise the mercy
That prolongs thy days.



  1. Your home is most certainly chic, comfortable, and welcoming. Everything in it has obviously been chosen with great care. To me, it's the home of two very interesting, educated people.

  2. Why, thank you, ma'am. I'm blushing quite a bit and I really do appreciate you, the ultimate in chic, saying so. I must admit that I walked in the living room this morning and thought "yes, finally .... finally."

  3. I hope the champagne flowed well into dawn. I turned 60 this week and I don't think my home will ever reach that down-sinking yes moment. Enjoy the peace and accomplishments you two have resolved to create.

  4. Home before dark - oh, it flowed and still does in my veins, I think. Congratulations on your birthday - may you have many more celebratory bottles of champagne to come.

  5. Congrats on a job well done. I failed to be in Atlanta for the tour of homes despite best intentions - sadly! But I so much enjoyed seeing your design via High Gloss Blue blog. Your work is so interesting - lots of pleasant surprises and special touches. Glad to have discovered your blog (on the roll it goes) and I look forward to enjoying more of your work!
    Sanity Fair

  6. Thank you, Sir. I've been keeping an eye on yer blog, too, so I shall return the compliment.

  7. Er, that was a big assumption on my part, Sanity Fair, calling you Sir. It was the bust that led me astray. However, if I got it wrong I really do apologize.

  8. Thanks so much for opening your place for us and for saying hello. I'm enjoying High Gloss Blue's pictures.

    Now I've had 24 hours to digest it. What I see in my mind is your place in the midst of those windows, those views. It took my breath away yesterday and remains in my mind's eye.

    Maybe even more than the others y'all balanced inside and outside. It's not a 50/50 balance. It's like they harmonize rather than compete. I don't know the theory but you know know I mean. It's that impression that is staying with me.

    Anyway, see you next year? Maybe with a change or 2?