Monday, October 19, 2009

Hmm, I thought ...

... when The Corinthian Columnist nominated me for a Kreative Blogger Award, this is not going to be easy. The conditions are that I tell you seven things you may not know about me and that I nominate seven bloggers for the same award.

So, seven things you may not know about me - these about a man whose sister-in-law asked his partner what he thought of having our life spread around the internet - what's left to tell, I wonder. I texted (more along the lines of "that's enough about me, let's talk about you. What do you think of me?) my partner asking him for things that neither ya'll nor I know about me and he came back with a list that brought me to the following but there's nothing really surprising there - I'd worked it all out myself.

1 I am originally from a town in Northwest England, also the home town of Sir Ian McKellen. Although it's a small place, we have never met.

2 I could eat fettuccine alfredo with a dusting of nutmeg for each meal, every day - which probably would require more of my least favorite activities, dieting and taking anti- cholesterol medication.

3 I love dogs but don't own one on the principle that picking up a dog's waste is no fit activity for a human being.

4 I learned to drive in my late forties after my driver resigned.

5 I think life is too short for beige.

6 My favorite city is the one I haven't visited yet.

7 I cannot abide the phrase fine china and crystal.

71/2 I don't like dead bird in any form on a plate.

Seven things I like

1 Pork pies and champagne.

2 Detective fiction - the older the better.

3 Cooking, but not the quotidian variety.

4 The history of interior design and architecture, unless its a text book.

5 Carnations, pinks, in fact all flowers, that have scent.

6 The way my partner dresses.

7 The Holidays in New York.

71/2 Camp.

Seven bloggers I would nominate

A couple of the bloggers I had nominated had no way of being contacted and of the ones I did contact ahead of time, so far one has said he will not take part and a second has said she has been got already by someone else. It is always fun to talk about oneself and its pointless having cold feet after the event but I do wonder if this Kreative Blogger Award is just a chain letter whose chain needs breaking.

Be that as it may, what's done is done and now you know 15 more things than perhaps you wanted to know or even care about.


  1. great great news on your and yours-along with great nominations. la

  2. Having done this, I'm still not sure about it - was it a good idea? Is the Kreative Blogger Award just another internet chain letter whose chain may not be broken.

  3. So glad to hear about the beige being sent to color hell. If you had room to garden, you would have to grow the Mohawk viburnam. After winter it opens up first a rather shocking what was I thinking pepto pink then goes pristine white and smells of carnations. It says to me spring is here and it smells good, too. What a nice compliment to your beloved.

  4. yes possibly-but like me I think as they say consider the source- and your having been tapped by The Corinthian Column proves that out. It is fun to read more about our neighbors.

  5. Little Augury - I take your point. I should have considered the source. If The Corinthian Column says it is good then it's good enough for me. How could I have doubted that?

    Home before dark - if the Mohawk viburnam would survive an 11th floor-southfacing-hostile environment then I might talk to my landscaper friend about it. I love scented plants especially nowadays that so many flowers, like carnations and roses, have had scent bred out of them.

  6. The Corinthian Column thought about the chain letter qualities too, but as my posts have been slow of late, it was an opportunity to redress that and I was actually quite surprised that I enjoyed the process; it does require a bit of thought, and that surely is the essence of blogging.

    I'm flattered that you should think my recommendations are good ones. Well obviously apart from my views on your blog, which are spot on! (Hence the nomination.)

  7. Columnist - thank you, Sir. I also found myself enjoying the writing of the post - its always pleasant to write about oneself in such a flattering light.

  8. I am beyond flattered to be included in such good company! Will make fettuccine alfredo this weekend, dust it with nutmeg, open a bottle of wine (toasting you, of course)...and write up my own list.

  9. Janet - a very flinty French white, don't you think?

  10. I have been nominated by Barry but have declined to be included in the mutual lovefest. These made up accolades have a way of going round and round in circles and never going anywhere for any particular reason.

    I am happy to see that I am not the only one that has ignored the 'kreative/kreativ blogger award'. Some have turned down the nomination purely for the irritating use of a 'k' instead of a 'c'.

    Everyone likes to be highlighted with a big marker pen for their contribution, but who is doing the highlighting? If we are just highlighting each others blogs because it makes us feel good and cuddly, where is the objectiveness?

    I don't mean to put a downer on the whole subject, but I personally put the whole kreative/kreativ blogger award in the same category as national paper clip day.

    Is that too cruel?