Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Southern light

A tulip-eye's view of the living room. Forgive me, but ....

"knee deep in flowers we'll stray
We'll keep the showers away
And if I kiss you in the garden, in the moonlight
Will you pardon me?
And tiptoe through the tulips with me."

That's been swanning around my brain since yesterday and I had to get rid of it.


  1. Tiny Tim is now playing in my brain.

  2. These little glimpse-etts are very teasing...and they look very pleasing too. Looking forward to the full monty.

  3. Is that series of pictures Chinese?

  4. Columnist - the large framed pictures are 1940s wallpaper. The full monty is too close to me and I cannot distance myself from it enough to critique it - see Thursday's post.

    Terry - you now know how I feel and I cannot abide the song. Somehow, despite my distaste it fitted the moment.