Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A lovely light

One of the values of having an extensive collection of books and magazines is that on days like yesterday, cold wet and miserable, if I'm not working I can browse.

I had rediscovered this room in Andalusia a couple of weeks ago but today whilst looking for something else I spotted it again and it occurred to me that it was as beautiful to me today as it was twenty-five years ago.

The ingredients of this room are elegantly unpretentious: the client according to the decorator, Jaime Parlade, "had insisted on a predominance of white linen in the drawing-room (I lined the white curtains with pink to give a lovely light). The room began to assume the atmosphere of retour aux colonies, with the ivory table I had found in Jaipur, India, the the delicately-coloured cushions made from antique pieces of carpet."

A lovely light sums it all up, really, and your own eyes can limn this room better than I can.

Photos by James Mortimer and quotation, Jaime Parlade.
From The World of Interiors, January 1984.


  1. This one is winner for me: how the pink curtains gently pull the colors up. (Not the proper technical term, I'm sure.) So much red in the room yet it stays "white." This is one for me to study.

  2. Very soothing colours indeed. I especially like the effect of the pink lining.