Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My walls

The walls of our master bath are done in a very beautiful Venetian plaster which the photograph below does absolutely no justice to and the photo above gives an impression of the quality of them. 

The color, as you can see from the top photograph, is a muted apricot flecked with terracotta applied over a very grey rough base which in conjunction with the trowel and the terracotta granules manipulated the surface to an aged, tired and dry fresco appearance.  The application of a coat of wax, when dry, made the whole thing spring into tender existence and the sheen just made one want to stroke and caress it. 

Bathrooms can either be utilitarian or cosy and not often somewhere in between.  For us, our bathroom is perfect: there's Venetian plaster in a flattering color, a contemporary washstand, big glass doors to the walk-in shower, a toilet pot designed by Phillipe Stark, travertine shower walls and floor, and the biggest poster under glass designed by Rene Gruau for Dior's Au Sauvage cologne.

This finish is so beautiful, and I do wish this photo explained it in a more attractive way, that we are going to use another Venetian plaster in the second bath, this time in a soft grey flecked with mica for iridescence.  The shower stall, floor and base are white Thasos marble, there are glass shower doors, crystal and nickel fittings, grey, black and white inset in the floor, a big Venetian mirror with, when they are finished, Fortuny fabric shaded sconces to either side.

I'm now negotiating about having a similar grey or beige or lilac on the living room walls. 

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  1. Oh I LOVE venetian plaster walls!! I hadn't ever seen one in a bathroom, but upon thinking about it -it's the perfect place for it! I love your Gruau poster!