Friday, May 8, 2009

Heaven ... I'm in heaven

This morning I followed my usual trail through favourite blogs and eventually alighted on Tartanscot who had posted a wonderful room in a cabin done by Suzanne Kasler and immediately I had an epiphany - that was exactly what I did not want in a cabin. 

As you know in life there are epiphanies and there are epiphanies, and on a scale of one to ten this was about a one - not really worthy of the term epiphany. 

However, what I'm talking about here is decorating: you look at a floor plan, you order furniture, fabrics, lighting etc and you install and you collect your final payment, leaving behind a pleased if dazed client. Basically, thats it. 

So what set me off in a snit about this undeniably beautiful room? Hey, its in Architectural Digest, so it must be beautiful, right? Nothing in it was to be faulted, for when I say it was a beautiful room I really mean it, everything was the essence of urbe in rus chic. 

Actually, the epiphany was simply a sudden clarification of a feeling that had lurked around for a while - I want the clutter out of my life and I want a cabin in the mountains: a cabin that likes of which you see at the top of the post. A cabin so simple it could in all its purity of form fit right in on a plot of land overlooking a creek in the mountains or even on a water margin somewhere out West. 

So, "dance with me! I want my arms about you. The charms about you will carry me through to ...

... Heaven," or the Friday cocktail ... 

a Horse's neck.

1 part brandy, 3 parts ginger ale poured directly onto ice in an old fashioned glass, splashed with bitters and, if you must, a lemon spiral for the edge of the glass.

If you love the song you'll know the connection with the cocktail. 

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  1. sometimes it takes something you DON'T want to make you realize what you DO want!