Saturday, May 23, 2009


What the hell were you thinking?

Couldn't you have built a screened-in pavilion? A proper southern terrace edged in boxwood? Why the hell did you chose to build a suburban wooden deck out of yellah wood and then furnish is with the cheapest looking metal chairs and tables? On one of the busiest corners in Buckhead? 

Three incarnations ago this restaurant was called Segers, a place too refined for the likes of my wallet, then after a short hiatus became POSH, a favorite of ours with an eclectic and inventive menu and some very polished waitstaff, then the ownership changed the concept, renamed it HOME, and it became less interesting which was probably good for business but it did not appeal to either of us for very long. 

What were you thinking? 


  1. Wow, that is really unfortunate looking!

  2. They have a big enough parking area where this could have easily been in the back...what an eyesore. I will drive by tomorrow to see it in person.