Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Culture Club

I'm a regular attendee at Atlanta's The Culture Club organized by Spalding Nix and George Getlik, gentlemen both and excellent hosts. The lecture last night, The Grand Picture Gallery, was given by John Nolan, curator of the Museum and Gallery at Bob Jones University at Greenville SC.  (See image below) A good lecture, given with enthusiasm for the subject and well illustrated is always to be recommended and there have been many given The Culture Club. If you don't know of it, you can always find current offerings by going here. You'll find it worth it. 

Thereafter I went by Lumiere Gallery, one of Atlanta's best photography galleries next door to The Englishman Antiques (the regular venue for the Club) at the Galleries of Peachtree Hills, to view Richard Pare's photos of Russian Modernist Architecture (see image above).

I like photography, sort of, (it has taken me a long time to overcome prejudice about photography) but Tony Casadonte's offerings at Lumiere are consistently worth viewing and consistently make me avaricious. Whilst each image alone is worth the trip, the two standouts for me were the enormous photo of the inside of a bakery and the small, almost to be walked by, pair of images of the outside and inside of Lenin's tomb. There is a contemplative quality to all the photos that I find very attractive.

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