Friday, March 27, 2009

Who knew ........

..... that one small drop of lemon juice could reveal so much? 

According to the authors of Decorating for Dummies if you drop some lemon juice on your tongue you can tell whether you are introvert or extrovert by the reaction of your mouth to this small amount of acid. If you salivate then you're probably introvert but if your mouth stays dry then the opposite, you're extrovert and this difference is reflected, it is suggested, in your personal style. 

This attractive truism is a reflection of my personal situation where there have been times when after what seems like the mother of all battles about fabric, color - you name it - I've reached for the bottle, either to use as a club or as anesthetic. Just recently, we have been battling about the color of the new library - blue/green as it became, and a color we both love, or the off-white "Clunch" from Farrow and Ball. Now the debate is about the textiles for the reupholstering of the library sofa and chairs. Some people might think we're arguing about trivia but if it matters to you, it matters.  I'll come back to this subject in a subsequent post. 

The authors suggest that next time you give a party serve Lemon Drops "a slice of lemon, a dollop of sugar, and vodka" and I am taking their advice, in this at least. 

So, here it is, the Friday cocktail, thanks again to Nigella from Forever Summer and somewhat more chic than the above taste test.

Lemon Drop

1 lemon peeled and quartered
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
4 tablespoons limoncello
4 tablespoons Triple Sec
handful of ice cubes

Whizz all in a blender and "when everything's combined, thickened and ice-white, pour into large tumbler and knock back."

Makes 1

Who knew?  

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  1. I am totally ready to try that whenever you are ready to make me one!