Friday, April 17, 2009

If you are ...

... laughing and dancing your way to your particular precipice, do it with a glass or two of fizz!

So this Friday's cocktail isn't as I despise the whole tribe severally called Mimosa, Goodnight Kiss, Bolli Stolli, Blushing Bride, and I especially loathe the abomination usually referred to as Champagne Cocktail, that mix of sparkling wine, sugar and bitters. 

Here, in all its glorious purity, is the Friday nontail: a flute of well-chilled Bollinger, followed by another to be sipped at the stove whilst you are preparing breakfast for last night's adventure. 

The painting above is The Oyster Lunch by Jean Francois de Troy. Painted in 1735 it is apparently the first depiction of champagne in art.

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