Monday, April 27, 2009

Blue remembered hills

Here's mine, seen from both sides - the Lancashire and the Yorkshire sides - Pendle Hill.

According to Wikipedia "The phrase Pendle Hill is unusual in that it combines the word for hill from three different languages. In the 13th century the hill was mentioned as Pennul or Penhul; apparently from Cumbric pen and Old English hyll, both meaning "hill". The Modern English hill was appended later, after the original meaning of Pendle had become opaque."

Fascinating stuff, don't you think? It gets better ...

The Pendle witch trials of 1612 are the best known examples of witchcraft in English history and Pendle is still associated with witchcraft. As a teenager I climbed it with friends every Hallowe'en "looking for witches". We never found any, that we knew of. 

If you are a Quaker, Pendle Hill will have special significance for you, for here it was that George Fox in 1652 had a vision whilst on top of Pendle. 

"As we travelled, we came near to a very great hill, called Pendle Hill, and I was moved of the Lord to go up to the top of it; which I did with difficulty, it was so very steep and high. When I was come to the top, I saw the sea bordering upon Lancashire. From the top of this hill, the Lord let me see in what places he had a great people to be gathered."

Thanks be to Wikipedia. 

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