Saturday, April 23, 2011

An enormous compliment!

Blue Remembered
Acrylic on wood panel
120 cm x 80 cm 

From Paul Gervais de Bédée and for which I am truly honoured. As I wrote to Paul, it was a "marvelous surprise. I am flattered - no, I am touched - by this delightful painting and that you would choose to name it after my blog." Truly. 


  1. I come by often to browse, but rarely comment, as the interiors commentary is best left to others. However, when I saw this image pop up on my blog list, I had to stop eating Cadbury caramel eggs long enough to peck out a short greeting...what a lovely, lovely piece! Thanks for sharing, and Happy Easter!

  2. Hello:
    As you say, what a wonderful surprise and so very generous on the part of Paul Gervais de Bédée.

    The unexpected never fails, in our view, to delight.

  3. It's a fun picture.

    (Naturally I wonder if you've got Don Johnson's Miami stubble, except in blue.)

    P.S. PG -- Really great.

  4. what a lovely, lovely thing to do!
    it is a beautiful piece.


  5. I have not responded to anyone of you before now and I apologize. My only excuse is that it's the end of the semester and stress levels (not mine, necessarily) are high.

    It is a lovely thing, this painting, and the generosity of Paul quite took me aback.

    Blue stubble? Gives a whole new if twisted interpretation of "blue-rinsed old ladies." Great image, Ancient, thank you.