Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fettucini, fava beans, tomatoes and licensing

This morning I'll be at ADAC listening to a presentation by Barclay Butera that is being sponsored by Kravet. I attend many of these presentations but this one, having had dinner last night with Mr Butera, (as did other Atlanta decorator/bloggers Decor Demon and 64 in a box) I'm really looking forward to.

It is rare for me with my background in advertising to be able to discuss interior design business - I'm not talking about establishing a firm as that's pretty specific given the jurisdiction, or even the whys and wherefores of contract versus residential - just the nitty-gritty of designing, for design it is, interior design licensing, a subject of great moment in this economy.

It was a pleasure to dine with and listen to a successful man who together with the owners of Kravet is modifying for me the many negative implications created by the licensing excesses of the 1970s and 1980s - Famous Names attached to the most outré of products - it was refreshing, given the cynicism I once felt, to learn about the depth of a designer's involvement in fascinatingly complex design, production and quality processes.

I'm always engaged by processes and have never lost the impatience I feel when I have to listen to a procedure that begins at the beginning then interminably, to me, meanders to a conclusion. First tell me the result then let's really discuss what happened on the journey to that conclusion, and last night was interesting to me from that point of view. I already know the result - Barclay Butera licenses - and was delighted by listening to what is involved.

My entree at Ecco after shared hors d'oeuvres was fettucini with fava beans and cherry tomatoes. Ecco is a great space, well designed, comfortable, good waiters, good wine list, good food, and if you were so inclined, good people-watching.

Thanks to Peggy Flanagan, a friend to both me and to many a student I've steered her way, and Matt Hare, owner of the Atlanta Kravet and Lee Jofa showrooms, I had a very interesting, entertaining and fun evening.

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  1. Hope you'll tell us a bit about the presentation.