Thursday, August 13, 2009


Still on the theme of libraries. 

One of the most glorious spaces in London is the Central Quadrangle of the British Museum in London. In the Quad stands the Reading Room, one of the most spectacularly beautiful libraries I have ever seen. Though a lot of its contents are now in the British Library that does not detract from is beauty. 

Above it all is the soaring roof that the engineers Buro Happold and Foster and Partners designed to enclose the Quadrangle - a roof equally as elegant as that of the Reading Room itself. I must say that this is some of the most uplifting architecture I have ever experienced. The Quadrangle is now known as the Queen Elizabeth II Great Court. 

"The glass and steel roof is made up of 4878 unique members connected at 1566 unique nodes and 1656 pairs of glass window panes making up 6100 square metres of glazing; each of a unique shape because of the undulating nature of the roof."

Quote from Wikipedia. 

Long day at the office, long drive home, and my scanner is broken. 

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