Monday, August 10, 2009

New day

New day, new horizon, movin' on. Back tomorrow.

Panorama photos RADC.


  1. Another excellent panoramic view. I actually think that the overlapping gives it a better look than if it were one solid piece.

    It also looks as if it is going to rain while sunshining at the same time. Ah British weather. So far today we've had rain, mizzle, mist, drizzle and who know's there may be a touch of sun before we go back to mizzle!

  2. There are only two panoramas, I fear. I agree about the overlapping. As to weather - when we were in Scotland it never got below 65 and never above 72. Today here it was 92 and hellish. A bit of mizzle sounds like heaven. Began new job today so post may be a bit erratic this week.