Friday, July 4, 2014

A very happy Independence Day

 Seventy degrees with low humidity – perfect for the annual Peachtree Road Race. 

Yesterday, a walk by the Chattahoochee 

Fred, who likes nothing better than lying in shallow pools – if there aren't any snapping turtles

After dinner, on the way home by the Swan House

Next week we go to New York, thence to London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Dundee. I shall be posting from there. 


  1. At The NY Review currently Andrew Butterfield is recommending we take a look at the Veronese exhibition at the National Gallery. Ruskin, James, Delacroix and Cézanne seem on board. Stand you to a poached egg if you go.

    1. Laurent, thank you.

      I thought the exhibition had finished but now I see it is still on when we are there. We'll get tickets if we can. Thank you.