Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Going to ADAC today to watch a Kravet craftsman build a chair from ... well nothing much, I suppose. I shall post photos tomorrow, it they're interesting and I don't explode over lunch.

In the meantime, having just been catching up with HOBC and being curious I went to his source for yesterday's post, Bonhams, and found this little delight, a 19th century hall chair. Ineffably cheeky, don't you think? It sold for a measly couple of hundred quid. What's wrong with that?

I'm so not a leg man, but just look at those back ones. Aren't they lovely? Standing proudly against the weight of Victorian turpitude.


  1. The back legs are definitely making a statement, and I would defy anyone not to notice them. Sturdy but elegant at the same time. Would definitely be a chair worth fighting over, or at least some whitty banter.

  2. Oh I agree, that is one cheeky little chair!! I love chairs and have several little numbers like this, but none as cheeky!